Trip Report Sicily 2002 – A Trip of Miracles

As more folks are planning trips to Sicily, I keep wishing I had been a participant with Fodor’s at the time DH and I visited that amazing place. We traveled from Palermo to Siracusa by bus, then took the train to Sorrento. Although we missed the Villa del Casale because of bus/timing problems, I beseech you to google it.

I always made scrapbooks of our trips. At that time, my camera was a lumex whose film was little disks! I have scanned the pages and will experiment on the first day to see if you can read the jpgs and even think it’s worth doing! I will scan the Monreale photos–another must see in the Palermo area

Here goes:

The uploads didn’t go in exact order. We took a bus from the Palermo airport to a stop near our hotel. This was our room and when I realized I’d left my duffel on the bus!

Our flights were from Dulles to Heathrow to Rome to Palermo. Boy we had to power walk to catch the Palermo plane but we made it:

From the hotel:

We unpacked and taxied to the massive Cathedral:

From the Cathedral, we walked through a lovely park on our way to Capella Palatino:

It was very dark (and my camera sucked by today’s digital standards) but this was another ‘don’t miss’ IMO:

Back to the hotel:

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