Happy St Patrick's Day

From one of my favourite venues in Dublin @TheChurch

It’s still St Patrick’s day,

A day when the whole world wants to be Irish,

A day when we show the world what it’s like to be Irish,

A land of sweeping green fields, tall cliffs and crashing waves,

A land of rebels and fighters who never gave up,

A land where the world wants to call home & claims it as such,
A land of saints and of scholars of poets and playwrights,

The home of the Pint, The home of the pub,

There’s no one does it better
The craic and the ceol,

The dancing and laughter,

It’s all still here, it’s not gone away,

It’s all just on pause,

Till we win just one more fight,

Then we will be back with a bang,

And the whole world will say

I wish I was Irish, even just for a day.

Happy St Patrick’s day,

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