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Lineup Announced for Downtown Charleston’s Live on the Levee

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Live on the Levee is back again this year with music from all over the spectrum.
Beginning May 24th going through August 30th, there will be musical stylings such as The Verve Pipe, The Cleverlys, and Karen Allen Band. There will also be events most evenings such as the Special Olympics, Biker Bash, FestivALL, and as always – fireworks.
For the full schedule and more information visit: https://wchstv.com

Photo credits: WCHS & Sunnyside Productions

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New show to feature local artists in West Virginia

Host of Rokpad Entertainment, Aaliyah Jones, outside of creative marketing firm Aronfield Agency in Charleston, West Virginia.

Exciting news for many artists in and around West Virginia. A new local television show is in the works that will feature Aaliyah Jones as the host who will interview guests ranging from all forms of mixed media artists to music and fashion, but it’s main emphasis will be on the local music scene in the mountain state for their first season. It will be called Rokpad Entertainment. The show will feature various segments with artist interviews, skits, music videos and much more. It will air on local listings throughout and around West Virginia, see their website for more information. Rokpad Entertainment will also produce segments of the show for YouTube as well. The show is being produced by the creative marketing and advertising agency firm Aronfield Agency, located in Charleston, West Virginia. Rokpad Entertainment will have a set built in their studio for interviewers.If you would like to be featured on the show or have you have news to share about your creative project, Rokpad Entertainment welcomes everyone to fill out a form on their website or reach out on social media with your details. http://rokpad.com

Check out their website for more information.

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Emmalea Deal | An Unapologetically Authentic West Virginia Musician

Emmalea Deal | An Unapologetically Authentic West Virginia Musician
Article by Miranda Woody 

Emmalea Deal, hailing from Summersville, West Virginia, is a young woman with a big dream. Even more so, she’s a young woman with a big voice, and a creative mind full of musical inspiration. As I begin my conversation with the West Virginian singer-songwriter, she tells me, “It might be cheesy to say, but I’ve always been a musical person. I grew up listening to music all the time. My grandparents loved to play bluegrass music at home, and I just really liked it. I liked music and the thought of learning to play music.” I ask Emmalea (“Emmy”) Deal to elaborate, and she does so, telling me, “I was probably six years old and I thought: I want to do this, even if it’s just for fun.”

This humble start is what would eventually catapult Deal into recording original music and playing music all the way from her hometown of Summersville, West Virginia to the “Music City” itself— Nashville, Tennessee. Deal tells me that she played her first talent show when she was merely six years old, and in that moment (after winning the talent show, much to her own surprise) Deal decided to “make music (her) career”, no matter the odds.
Deal followed her dream, learning to play guitar and practicing her vocals almost daily throughout her childhood. Being homeschooled, Deal tells me she had a lot of freedom growing up to explore herself and her connection to the

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Abandoned Factory Becomes a Haven for the Arts

Abandoned Factory Becomes a Haven for the Arts
Article by Miranda Woody

On top of the old Purity Bread Factory in Charleston, West Virginia, there is an art gallery like no other. The gallery and studio space, known as Hole in the Wall Studio since May of last year, features roughly three thousand square feet of floor space, which owner Kim Shrader tells me is “entirely covered with art”. The Studio features a great room that boasts twenty-foot high ceilings and impressive murals on all four walls, a long room that is perfect for displaying gallery art, and a studio space in which artists come to collaborate.
Kim tells me that Hole in the Wall has been a very successful staple in the Charleston art scene for over nine years, but even more so since it underwent a change in ownership (and inevitably, a rebranding) last May. Originally owned and founded by West Virginia State University graduate Katherine Hawkins, the studio began as a place for WVSU art students to work and display their creations. WVSU students have always been involved in the studio and Kim tells me that she, herself, is a WVSU graduate. Kim and her colleagues Wesley Early and Tyler Hudnall have been collaborating with artists throughout the year to transform every bit of the building and make the space itself a piece of art. Kim tells me, “When Katherine first turned this place over to me, it was pretty bare. There was great art, but

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Improv Troupe ‘Plays’ with the Audience

Improv Troupe ‘Plays’ with the Audience
Article by Miranda Woody

There is certainly more to comedy than being funny, and more to improvisation than being spontaneous. West Virginia’s very own premier improv comedy troupe, known as the No Pants Players, made this very clear to me from the first time we spoke. Each member of the troupe is undeniably hilarious in their own right, and I was lucky enough to sit down with two members of the troupe and get some inside information on their upcoming show at The Raleigh Playhouse.

My first encounter with the No Pants Players occurred over the phone; I conducted a remote interview with long-time troupe member Stuart Frazier. Frazier prefaced the interview by giving me some background on the No Pants Players, Frazier himself having been a member since 2008. Frazier tells me that the No Pants Players were formed in 2001, seeking to bring comedy and improv culture to West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley. The No Pants Players began with a mere five or six members, but now boast a roster of twelve members and their very own host, Adam Jones. Following in the footsteps of popular improv troupes (think of the famous television program, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), the No Pants Players began performing “short-form” comedy sketches during their early stages. Frazier tells me that short-form comedy sketches are, essentially, the kind of thing you’d expect to see at an improv show. Short-form sketches are primarily composed of improv “games” that take most of their

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Charleston Artist Captures a Moment in History

Charleston Artist Captures a Moment in History
Article by Miranda Woody

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VIDEO: The Game is Changing at the Charleston Convention Center

VIDEO: The Game is Changing at the Charleston Convention Center

Charleston, WV is investing more than $90 million to upgrade the Charleston Convention Center and make it a cutting-edge, energy-efficient facility by 2018. It’s a game changer, and Charleston is taking the lead.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shwuRzYF0HY?feature=oembed&w=1500&h=844]

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Recap – Taste-of-All Charleston 2014

By Dawn Nolan
Photography by Shawna Hatten
One of the first things you noticed when walking into the Charleston Civic Center on June 22 was the plethora of delicious smells wafting through the building. Over 20 vendors had gathered inside the Grand Hall to hand out scrumptious samples to hungry attendees in exchange for tickets at the annual Taste-of-All Charleston event. Sponsored by Mardi Gras Casino & Resort, the culinary tour of the Capital City featured dishes from new (Black Sheep Burritos and Brews, Grano, Mi Cocina de Amor) and well-known eateries (Ridge View BBQ, Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream, Quarrier Diner). The majority of the food items cost between $2 and $4. Leftover tickets were donated to the Charleston Ronald McDonald House.

In addition to the savory and sweet food selections, the event included performances by Bare Bones, a local capella group, West Virginia Mountain Valley Cloggers and musician Ryan Kennedy.
An afternoon “Chef Off” pitted Chef Philip Bricker of the Charleston Marriott, Jeni Burns of Ms Groovy’s Gourmet Catering and Chef Andrew Quisenberry of Quarry Manor against each other in a timed competition with pre-selected, secret ingredients. In the end, Quisenberry’s bacon-wrapped pork roulade with spiced puffed potatoes, mushroom herb sauce and crispy kale salad won the judges’ (Bridget Lancaster, America’s Test Kitchen; Scott Maroney, Executive Chef, Mardi Gras Casino & Resort; Chef Paul Smith, Buzz Food Service; Don Wilson, Generation Charleston) approval.
The Amateur Cake Contest, judged by Sarah Plumley of Sarah’s Bakery; Lisa Dravenstott, executive pastry chef at The Civic

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Event Preview: Bollywood Night 2014

Written by Dawn Nolan
Bollywood Night 2014 is a “celebration of Indian food, movies, dance music and fashion”. This year’s fundraiser will be held at the Charleston Civic Center on Saturday, May 17. This year’s theme is “Bellies, Bodies and Brains”. Proceeds will be divided between three non-profit organizations – Manna Meal, WV Health Right and the Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center.
“From Those to Whom Much Has Been Given, Much is Expected” – Nilima Bhirud, Chairwoman
The festivities begin with a social hour at 6:00 p.m. A buffet dinner of “delicious, multi-cultural cuisine” will follow at 7 p.m. Bollywood style performances by 100 dancers, including the Charleston Ballet, January’s Dance Studio, Lisa Hughes’ students, Zumba instructor Amy Burdette and partner, Beth Fellure and friends, Victoria Russo’s Latino dance group and the Charleston Filipino community, will take place from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. A fashion show, choreographed by Meenu Choudhary, and silent auction are also scheduled.
Tickets for Bollywood Night 2014 are $100 and tax-deductable. They can be purchased online at www.bollywoodwv.org.
(Video from bollywoodwv.org)
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy_GVP3XuLY&w=640&h=360]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Ghostfleet – Sinclair’s Lot

Featured Music Video
“Ghostfleet – Sinclair’s Lot”
Ghost Fleet is a Rock/Alt. Country band from Charleston WV.

Written and Produced by Aaron Fisher
Filmed and Directed by James Vernon Brown of The Liquid Canvas
Featuring : Aaron Fisher, Sara Myers, Kim Watts, Adam Stover
If you have a local music video you’d like to feature, email us here.

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