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Recap – West Virginia Squares (full show)

By Dawn Nolan
Photography by Shawna Hatten
The original Hollywood Squares might have gone off the air in 1981, but fans of the game show were delighted when a twist of the entertaining hour was held during two evenings of this year’s FestivALL. Presented by the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame, “West Virginia Squares” was held on June 23 and 24 at The Clay Center. Huntington native Peter Marshall reprised his role as host. He began each evening with clips from the television classic, which was followed by musical performances from America’s Got Talent winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.; Hee Haw Music Director Charlie McCoy, Donnie Davisson of the Davisson Brothers Band, Mountain Stage host Larry Groce and pianist Bob Thompson.
Monday’s cast was comprised of Charlie McCoy, Three’s Company’s (and original Hollywood Squares member) Joyce DeWitt, songwriter Billy Ed Wheeler, Tony Award winner Michael Cerveris, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Larry Groce, Donnie Davisson, Chasing Nashville’s Autumn Blair and Bil Lepp, storyteller and five-time winner of the West Virginia State Liars’ Contest. Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, Miss West Virginia, Charisse Haislop, and radio host Steve Bishop joined the history-centered show on Tuesday. Broadcasting Hall of Famer, Bob Brunner served as the shows’ announcer.

Each evening’s questions centered on WV music and state history, and the contestants were students and 2014 Golden Horseshoe Award winners from Raleigh, Calhoun, Lincoln and Boone County. Winners received prizes from local businesses and tourist attractions. West Virginia Public Broadcasting filmed the episodes and is planning on distributing

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Guy Fieri imports Hillbilly Hot Dog from Huntington for Fallon

The Food Network’s Guy Fieri imported a specialty Hot Dog for NBC’s Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on last night’s show. This gigantic hot dog is from one of the most infamous places to get a delicious hot dog in West Virginia, Hillbilly Hot Dogs.

Guy Fieri unveils “The Homewrecker”

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is located in Huntington, WV and the hot dog featured on the show is called “The Homewrecker”. If you haven’t tried one of their hot dogs, you’re missing out! Check out this video segment from last night’s show! Also, check out their website and Facebook page so you can learn more about their food and let them know you seen their infamous hot dog on the show.
Website – http://www.hillbillyhotdogs.com
Facebook – https://www.fb.com/hillbillyhotdogs


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Stay Local: Mavis Manor – Bed & Breakfast

Originally built in 1897 by Dr. Lonnie Lilly as a hospital for overnight patients, Mavis Manor has since become a country retreat for travelers of all types. The Marchese family purchased the estate in 2005 and made it into a bed and breakfast focused on “farm to fork localness”. “We’re currently transitioning into a full farm-stay,” says the Manor’s General Manager, Sir Justyn J. Marchese.

The historic house sits on 33 acres of land, which is comprised of a permaculture fruit forest, trees and berry bushes. “The plants that we grow are for consumption on the property,” explains Marchese. A seven acre hayfield, pond and soon-to-be added honey bee hives round out the rest of the farm’s features. Mavis Manor also has a few animal inhabitants. “We mostly focus on chickens,” says Marchese. “However, we also have a pig [Sylvia Smackers] and lease out part of the property to a farmer for his cows.”
Visitors can stay overnight in one of Mavis Manor’s three guestrooms, which range from $99 – $199. Each are specifically designed with a certain type of person in mind.  For instance, the Buchanan Suite includes a queen-sized poster bed, fireplace and turret writing nook. “It’s used mainly for couples – it’s a little more girly and fluffy,” describes Marchese. Families or a small group can stay comfortably in The Oaks. “It has two queen sized beds and two single beds, it’s sort of a room within a room,” adds Marchese. While single or business travelers simply looking for

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VIDEO: Polar Plunge 2014 – Freezin’ For A Reason!

“The Charleston Polar Plunge is famous for some of the best belly flops you’ll ever see… many of which are judged for style points. Each year this plunge attracts a good crowd looking for something unique and fun to do in the middle of winter.”
Special Olympics West Virginia is conducting several Polar Plunges in 2014. Pick the one nearest you, or dare yourself to participate in all five and be among the truly “elite plungers.”  Regardless, you will enjoy the thrill and excitement that surround each of the events.
This video is our coverage of the Charleston, West Virginia Polar Plunge that was held on Saturday, February 1st at the Appalachian Power Park. If you enjoy the video, please share with your friends.

At the end of the video you’ll have another link to see the Costume Contest Introduction.

See More info on Polar Plunges events.

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Radio Shack Super Bowl AD features WV’s own Mary Lou Retton

As RadioShack has shown in its new, 2014 Super Bowl commercial, you need to be able to laugh at yourself.
The electronics outlet’s newest television spot, “The Phone Call,” admits the obvious—RadioShack’s business aesthetics have been stuck in the past for two decades too long. The company wants to rectify this situation, and it goes about admitting this fault in an ingenious manner.
Stating that “the ‘80s called” and “they want their store back,” RadioShack employees watch powerlessly as legions of celebrities from the decade ransack their place of business.
Alf is ripping the premises apart, Hulk Hogan is carrying entire shelves out the door and Chucky the demon doll is stabbing the carpeting. In short, the ‘80s are ruining RadioShack’s interior.

Getting in on the action are also Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and American Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who help out with the demolition derby of the musty, old RadioShack shop.

The items they’re jacking are, of course, old VHS players and giant, bulky computer monitors. They were cutting-edge at the time, but now serve as blocky paperweights and dust collectors.
In all, it’s a creative bit of self-deprecating humor from the tech supplier. It’s hard to argue that walking into one of these places doesn’t sometimes feel like stepping into a time capsule, compared to Best Buy and other competitors.
That said, it looks like RadioShack is ready to turn over a new leaf. Right now, it’s not crazy to say it’s leading for best Super Bowl commercial.
BEHIND THE SCENES: (Interview with Mary

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The Colbert Report on the Water Crisis in West Virginia

“West Virginians go days without tap water after a chemical spill contaminates the supply.”
It’s Day 6 of the WV water crisis here in West Virginia and things are looking up as some zones have already had their water restored since yesterday, (check to see if your zone has been cleared). We posted a video recently showing news clips around the world as this event stirred up a world-wide conversation about clean water and efforts to help West Virginians in need. We’re very thankful for everyone’s efforts in lending a hand.
One running joke you may have seen over and over is the president of Freedom Industries drinking water as he speaks about the chemical leak contaminating the water in Charleston. Although it doesn’t seem he was doing this on purpose, it was pretty bad timing on his part, especially with this news being such a hot topic around the world. It’s that interview that went on to create lots of satirical photos and videos poking fun at the situation.

It seems Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have both put their two cents in about the chemical spill in Charleston and it’s all in good fun, these satirical shows aired on the Comedy Central Network yesterday, but can be found on this page. We’ve embedded The Colbert Report clip below, and we’ve supplied a link to The Daily Show’s full episode below as well. They have a much longer segment on the issue.
Video from their official website www.colbertnation.com


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Operator Toll Dialing: Dialing (ca. 1949) – Features Charleston, WV

On it’s surface, this film shows with great detail the proper technique of using a rotary dial, but there’s also a lot more information about the toll network of the 1940′s presented.
The Boston toll switchboard’s direct trunks to New York City and it’s tandem trunks are shown being used. Also visible (but not used) are trunks to the nearby communities of Malden and Melrose, Massachusetts.

This snapshot in time also features various routing codes of the day for calls to New York (2L+), Chicago (312+2L+), Atlanta (404+3L+), Canton (216+064+), and even a ring down to Charleston, West Virginia (412+304).
Charleston, West Virginia is mentioned at the 4:24 minute mark.

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VIDEO: Reports around the World of the Charleston Chemical Leak

Below the map you see a video compilation of News clips from around the globe covering the Charleston Chemical Leak story as it develops.
Photo below shows a map of Charleston, WV with the WV American Water Company and Freedom Industries highlighted for a visual on the Chemical Leak.

Video Timeline of events below:
2:10 – Official: ‘Can’t Say WVa Water Is Safe’
At least 100,000 homes and businesses around West Virginia’s capital have been told not to use the water, after a chemical spill in the Elk River. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has declared a state of emergency. (1/10/14)
A state of emergency has been declared in West Virginia, US, after a chemical leak into a river.
2:43 – A word from the president of Freedom Industries
4:12 – UPDATE: Up to 300,000 people in West Virginia have spent a second night without tap water after a chemical spill into the Elk River.
8:30 – Senator Manchin Appeared On CNN’s The Lead to Provide Chemical Spill Updates
8:50 – Mayor Danny Jones explains the problems in West Virginia following a chemical spill that contaminated the water supply.
9:34 – Numerous people have reported symptoms of illness, as officials issue warning on tap water.
UPDATE: (Saturday evening, 1/11/14) – Estimated 7,500 gallons of the chemical leaked into the Elk River. – http://www.governor.wv.gov
Credits: CNN, Good Morning America, Euro News, 7 News, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, RT, AP, Wchstv.com

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VIDEO: Jerry West Says He Hasn’t Shot A Basketball In Years, Then Proceeds To Not Miss

Jerry West, aka “Mr. Clutch,” hasn’t shot a basketball in years. But at a recent camp for young kids, he decided to give it a try, and to no surprise, he didn’t miss a shot. Would you expect any less from the five-time world champ?
At 75-years-old, he’s still out there doing it for the kids and sharing his basketball wisdom. As a true legend of the game, he was giving some good tips for form shooting, when it looked like he started getting into a real rhythm.
“Once you learn how to do it, you won’t ever forget it.” – Jerry West
Is it me or can this guy still play in the NBA? He could be an exclusive free throw shooter. The Lakers should seriously consider this game-changing roster move before someone else does.

via Julian Sonny @ elitedaily.com

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VIDEO: Tanja’s Christmas Mantle Decoration Tips

Tanja’s Christmas Mantle Decoration Tips


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